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Sophrology – my universe – my practice

Working with my voice, with your voice, is so important to me.

« Ne pas parler de poésie,
Ne pas parler de poésie, En écrasant les fleurs sauvages » Barbara, Perlimpinpin

You might not know Barbara, probably my favorite french singer along with Edith Piaf. Here she’s saying not to talk of poetry when crushing wild flowers
 This is absolutely the key of my work with the precious tool: phenomenology
 (article on the subject will follow soon)

After my studies in Modern Literature, I discovered Sophrology and realized that the job I had dreamt of actually existed!

I have always loved people and laughter. 

But at the same time, since my childhood, I’ve perceived a finitude in such a way of seeing the world. For instance at the age of 3 or 4, I didn’t understand why adults were angry: I was little, and said to myself: “one day we will die. Isn’t it worth laughing at this life and being good towards each other right now? Isn’t it the most important thing we can do or do we also have to suffer that much ? « 

(I was replacing my feelings of sadness and fear of my own end, with a feeling of joy and confidence: it was very empirical, but also a rather sophrological way of healing. :D)

However, by meeting sophrologist doctors, I realized that I was not the only one passionate about how joy could help us in our lives. They had even created a profession out of it!

I was  amazed to discover the application of phenomenology, the quest of a dialog between your body and yourself through your consciousness and your body.

You can add the importance of non-judgment, and non a priori (what you believe before you live it). 

It builds in you a kind of new “eye”= a new way of looking at our lives, our feelings and the possible choice of the quest for joy in our body that applies concretely in our lives.

I then trained in Sophrology with its founder, Mr. Caycédo.

For more than 20 years, I have been able to apply what I have learned in many challenging paths, including accompanying people with disabilities or who live in the street and practice Sophrology because it helps them get into better shape and improve their mood. And that’s always what interests me above all: that the discovery of the practice changes something concretely in your life.

For me, it allowed me to recover from a serious illness, but it’s anecdotal to my practice: what nourishes me is that there is a challenge within the practice that is continually renewed each time to help you find the path to peace.

 I saw it one day as a country TOWARDS which we can all go and this image has not left me.

Calm your anxieties, transfigure your fears, identify and soothe your ego, see your posture as a victim without judgment: this helps to change your point of view and understand and appease what is happening in us: and to do, learn to relax in all circumstances, learn to let go, learn to identify in oneself what makes us feel good in order to turn the tide and bounce back instead of crashing, using one’s own feelings, own needs, one’s own desires as well as what one no longer wants. And this, whatever our age is: the youngest person I’ve accompanied was just 6 years old

Without my dear countryside, the trees and the sky in my city and without the infinite richness of a.r.t.  in all its forms which nourishes my city and my heart with grace, my practice would be wobbly.

Our feelings, our phenomenons cannot all be described with words: on the other hand, the energizing universe of nature or the worlds transcribed by our dear artists touch us profoundly and reveal us to ourselves in an obvious way. In a simple way.  A wonderful one too

This is what I want to pass on by offering you the opportunity to practice at the museum, like so many proposals to play

For the last touch to this sketch I should describe my work : my MSC practice.

6 years ago I discovered Mindful Self-Compassion, firstly through Kristin Neff
 (then plenty of excellent guides as Chris Germer) MSC is in my blood now; it helps so much to go deeper into this dialogue between our body and our mind
 Our consciousness feels so much better too. It’s really impressive

I do love circles on the surface of water
 What you perceive one day touches and moves your consciousness
 From a tiny touch it can go sooo deep. And sometimes years later your finally see this change that is in fact always linked to each of your perceptions
 To perceive and go in the direction of peace within ourselves is the key of my work. As it is quiet in the round center of the water circle

Any questions? Would you like to know if this practice is for you or your child?

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